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CIC Computing Infrastructure

The CIC computing system consists of 35 Ubuntu Linux workstations and a 10-node Son of Grid Engine compute cluster supported by a redundant shared-login directory service and a nightly-mirrored 200TB redundant NAS storage. All CIC machines present a uniform user and software environment and software quarantine for reproducible scientific computing and processing of imaging data. All popular open source image processing toolkits and pipelines are available and cluster-integrated as well as local workstation based MATLAB processing with a 25 seat site licence.


The CIC computing systems at this time can only be accessed from within the Douglas University Mental Health Institute. User logins can be obtained by contacting and Authorized users can access CIC systems remotely via SSH and use SFTP/SCP for data transfer via the hostname cicus03. Windows users can find a suitable client to access systems at

MRI data from the human scanner is stored at /home/cic/dicoms and is available as both DICOM and auto-converted MINC2 format. Data from the scanners is held for 14 days before being removed to make space for new data.

Remote processing is available via access to shared workstations with hostnames cicws{01..10} in addition to job submission to the cluster for fair-use scheduled processing.


Additional documentation for CIC computing systems is available at