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Tools for generating Cockatrice-compatible cards.xmls for unreleased magic cards
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Magic-Spoiler Gitter Chat

Magic-Spoiler is a Python script to scrape Scryfall to compile XML files (Cockatrice formatted) and application-ready json files (mtgjson formatted) with information about spoiled cards from upcoming sets.

Output Build Status

Just looking for XML or JSON files? They are in our files branch!

When run by Travis, the script automatically updates the files and uploads new versions there. (History of changes)
Travis CI is run daily on a cron job basis.


Noticed an error in the card data? Check out our Contributing file for information on how to help!



pip install -r requirements.txt


$> python -m magic_spoiler

Outputs the following files to out/ directory:
spoiler.xml, spoiler.json
{SET_CODE}.xml, {SET_CODE}.json

spoiler → files contain all currently available spoilers from different sets
{SETCODE} → files contain just the spoiler available for this single set

Enable "Download Spoilers Automatically" in Cockatrice → Settings → Card Sources → Spoilers to get updates automatically pushed to your client!
You can also add the desired .xml file(s) to your customsets folder manually to make Cockatrice use it.

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