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dlinsin commented Nov 1, 2013

Using 1.6.2 via Cocoapods.

I have a problem that my log files on my iPhone 5s running iOS 7 only contain a single line. CocoaLumberjack then rolls over to the next file and logs the next lines. This goes on until maximumNumberOfLogFiles is reached.

Note: this works fine on the Simulator

My configuration in AppDelegate looks like follows:

self.fileLogger = [[DDFileLogger alloc] init];
self.fileLogger.logFormatter = [[FFALogFormatter alloc] init]; // just customizing

[DDLog addLogger:self.fileLogger];

I've setup CocoaLumberjack a dozen times and never had problems. Any idea what this might be?


I have notice this same issue when using the simulator and compiling for 64 bit support.There is no issue with it when compiling for 32 bit support. It looks like it is just and overflow error in the creation and rollinTimer function.


No we only need someone who can refactor this ;)


Fixed by #177.

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