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Use this template to ask library authors to add version tags. Click ‘Edit Page’ to see the source and copy-paste that, so it includes all the markup.

Issue title

Please add semantic version tags.

Issue description

I’ve recently added <libraryname> to the CocoaPods package manager repo.

CocoaPods is a tool for managing dependencies for OS X and iOS Xcode projects and provides a central repository for iOS/OS X libraries. This makes adding libraries to a project and updating them extremely easy and it will help users to resolve dependencies of the libraries they use.

However, <libraryname> doesn't have any version tags. I’ve added the current HEAD as version 0.0.1, but a version tag will make dependency resolution much easier.

Semantic version tags (instead of plain commit hashes/revisions) allow for resolution of cross-dependencies.

In case you didn’t know this yet; you can tag the current HEAD as, for instance, version 1.0.0, like so:

$ git tag -a 1.0.0 -m "Tag release 1.0.0"
$ git push --tags
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