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Prometheus endpoint customizable for WordPress
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Prometheus Metrics in WordPress


It is based on

Grafana dashboard avalaible on official website.


In wp-config.php you need to settings that constant that will be used to expose those metrics in the url.

define( 'PROMETHEUS_KEY', 'fg98dfgkj' );


To add a new target:

  - job_name: "WordPress metrics"
      - targets: ["domain.tld"]
    scrape_interval: "5m"
    metrics_path: "/wp-json/metrics"
      prometheus: ['fg98dfgkj']
      users: ['yes']
      posts: ['yes']
      pages: ['yes']
      autoload: ['yes']
      transient: ['yes']
      user_sessions: ['yes']
      posts_without_content: ['yes']
      posts_without_title: ['yes']
      db_size: ['yes']
    scheme: "https"

WordPress customization

This plugin include an hook to append new metrics: prometheus_custom_metrics

URL parameters


users=yes enable:

# HELP wp_users_total Total number of users.
# TYPE wp_users_total counter
wp_users_total{host="https://domain.tld"} 117

posts=yes enable:

# HELP wp_posts_total Total number of posts published.
# TYPE wp_posts_total counter
wp_posts_total{host="https://domain.tld", status="published"} 11786
wp_posts_total{host="https://domain.tld", status="draft"} 134

pages=yes enable:

# HELP wp_pages_total Total number of posts published.
# TYPE wp_pages_total counter
wp_pages_total{host="https://domain.tld", status="published"} 56
wp_pages_total{host="https://domain.tld", status="draft"} 4

autoload=yes enable:

# HELP wp_options_autoload Options in autoload.
# TYPE wp_options_autoload counter
wp_options_autoload{host="https://domain.tld"} 4194
# HELP wp_options_autoload_size Options size in KB in autoload.
# TYPE wp_options_autoload_size counter
wp_options_autoload_size{host="https://domain.tld"} 186

transient=yes enable:

# HELP wp_transient_autoload DB Transient in autoload.
# TYPE wp_transient_autoload counter
wp_transient_autoload{host="https://domain.tld"} 3681

user_sessions=yes enable:

# HELP wp_user_sessions User sessions.
# TYPE wp_user_sessions counter
wp_user_sessions{host="https://domain.tld"} 0

posts_without_title=yes enable:

# HELP wp_posts_without_title Post/Page without title.
# TYPE wp_posts_without_title counter
wp_posts_without_title{host="https://domain.tld"} 0

posts_without_content=yes enable:

# HELP wp_posts_without_content Post/Page without content.
# TYPE wp_posts_without_content counter
wp_posts_without_content{host="https://domain.tld"} 15

db_size=yes enable:

# HELP wp_db_size Total DB size in MB.
# TYPE wp_db_size counter
wp_db_size{host="https://domain.tld"} 580.35
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