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A repo with 27 daily small projects (started on 2017-01-01)

It was originally planned to be 100 days, but unfortunately I just didn't have the time.

Goal: Get a better coder, face up to new challenges, improve skills!

Day 027 (JS)

[Demo] - Downloads current canvas from

Day 026 (PHP)

[Demo] - Translates a string from a given language to any available language on Wikipedia using its API.

Day 025 (PHP)

[Demo] - Wanted to test how hard it is to receive emails with PHP from an IMAP server.

Day 024 (JS)

[Demo] - Take a screenshot directly on the website.

Day 023 (JS)

[Demo] - Gist like embed script.

Day 022 (PHP)

[Demo] - Get Wordpress Version by URL

Day 021 (JS)

[Demo/Docs] - A simple node powered client for GitHub Trending.

Day 020 (JS)

[Demo] - Coded a nth child tester page.

Day 019 (PHP)

[Code] - A simple widget that display the child pages of the current page as simple menu.

Day 018 (CSS/JS)

New Project Index. Check it out!

Day 017

Sorry - today was very tough day. This is a placeholder for a future project.

Day 016 (Shell)

[Script] - Coded a shellscript that backups all mysql databases, compress it and deletes old backups.

Day 015 (PHP)

[Demo] - Built a Strawpoll clone in PHP.

Day 014 (CSS)

[Demo] - I just played a bit around - today wasn't that much time for this project, so it's pretty simple. But it's cool when you see - you don't need Javascript or even jQuery for basic stuff.

Day 013 (JS)

[Demo] - Coded a script that formats mysql-strings for Sequel Pro.

Day 012 (JS)

[Demo] - Better styling for :visited links.

Day 011 (CSS)

[Demo] - Just played around to make a simple mobile layout.

Day 010 (PHP)

[Demo] - Pipe any output from the shell to your smartphone with the Pushbullet API.

Day 009 (JS)

[Docs] - Today I started learning ES6 - No code today - just some resources.

Day 008 (JS)

[Demo] - Save a HTML table as CSV file.

Day 007 (JS)

[Demo] - Today I just tested how to get the last 10 YouTube Videos from a specific channel and display them nicely.

Day 006 (JS)

[Demo] - This is a clone of the smartphone Game Rapid70.

Day 005 (PHP)

[Docs] - Generate HTML5 valid forms just some simple PHP lines - Take a look at the examples!

Day #004 (JS)

[Demo] - Simple password requirements check with minimal UI and HTML5 validation.

Day #003 (JS)

[Demo] - Saves a form input/changes live in localStorage, so if the form gets closed accidentally, data is saved & will be restored on page load.

Day #002 (PHP/JS)

[Demo] - Reads a folder of images and extracts Exif-geodata from jpgs and shows it on a pretty map.

Day #001 (JS)

[Demo] - Convert a CSV file into an HTML Table, pure Javascript with no frameworks and libraries.

This is not a fork of Kallaway/100-days-of-code, as I started this, I didn't know there is already a similiar challenge going on 🙈 , but the goal is pretty the same - improve skills!