A simple style theme for Hexo
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Hacker | 中文版文档

Hacker is a simple style of theme for blog, hoping you focus on writing more rather than the typesetting.

At first, moyo designed and built it for Wordpress.
Later, DaraW ported it to Hexo.


You can also reference my blog: DaraW


Firstly get all the theme files, git clone or download zip is okay.

Create a folder Hacker in the folder themes, and copy all the theme files to the folder Hacker.

Then apply the theme in hexo global configuration file _config.yml:

theme: Hacker

Now all is in order, just enjoy~

Notice: After every update, you'd better run command hexo clean to clean cache files before Hexo generating, in case of some problems cache files bring.


In the theme configuration file _config.yml:

# duoshuo comment
duoshuo: true

# disqus comment
disqus: false

# google analytics

duoshuo: boolean, use duoshuo or not;
duoshuo_name: string, your duoshup ID, please don't use other people's IDs。

disqus: boolean, use disqus or not;
disqus_shortname: your disqus site shortname.

googleTrackId: your Google Analytics ID, Hacker will not use Google Analytics if it's empty.



  • fix incorrect comment link on the home page


  • fix bug caused by subdirectory(issue#10)
  • fix display of code tag


  • Refactor ejs template files
  • Replace css with stylus
  • Add English Version README


  • Remove some useless css
  • Fix bug that icon still shows when there are no categories or tags
  • Rewrite the archive index page
  • Change the display of code block


GPL(General Public License)