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❤️ A simple theme for Hexo
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Hacker | 中文版文档

Open Source Love GPL Licence

Hacker is a simple blog theme focused on writing. In such a trend of complex typography, choose the return to origins, focusing on writing this matter.

The beginning is moyo created a theme of Wordpress , by DaraW transplanted to Hexo.


You can refer to my blog: DaraW.
Also, you can try auto-deployment with TravisCI, refer to CodeDaraW/Blog


Firstly get the theme files, git clone or download zip both are ok.

Create a folder named Hacker in the folder themes, and copy all the theme files to the folder Hacker.

Then apply the theme in the hexo global configuration file _config.yml:

theme: Hacker

Now all are in order, just enjoy~

Notice: After every update, you'd better run command hexo clean to clean cache files before Hexo generating, in case of some problems cache files bring.


Enable comments and Google Analytics

Refering to the example configuration file _config.example.yml, create the theme configuration file _config.yml and edit it:

# gitment
gitment: false

# gitalk
gitalk: false
gitalk_admin: []

# valine comment
valine: false

# disqus comment
disqus: false

# google analytics

gitment: boolean,use gitment or not
gitment_owner: string,your GitHub ID
gitment_repo: string,the repo to store comment data
gitment_client_id: string,your client ID
gitment_client_secret: string,your client secret

gitalk: boolean,use gitalk or not
gitalk_owner: string,your GitHub ID
gitalk_admin: array,all the admin GitHub IDs
gitalk_repo: string,the repo to store comment data gitalk_client_id: string,your client ID gitalk_client_secret: string,your client secret

valine: boolean, use Valine or not
leancloud_id: string, your leancloud ID
leancloud_key: string, your leancloud Key

disqus: boolean, use disqus or not;
disqus_shortname: your disqus site shortname.

googleTrackId: your Google Analytics ID, Hacker will not use Google Analytics if it's empty.

Enable Categories and Tags pages

Categories Page: run hexo new page categories,then modify the generated file source/categories/

title: categories
date: 2017-01-30 19:16:17
layout: "categories"

If you need to close comments of this page , you can add a line comments: false; title corresponds to the title of the page.

Tags Page: run hexo new page tags,then modify the generated file source/tags/

title: tags
date: 2017-01-30 19:16:17
layout: "tags"

Configuration is the same as Categories Page.

Add links to the menu: Edit the _config.yml file of the theme, add Categories: /categories and Tags: /tags in menu like this:

  Home: /
  Archives: /archives
  Categories: /categories
  Tags: /tags


GNU GPL(General Public License) v2.0

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