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arturtamborski Fix errors in develop (#334)
* rename camel cased field to snake case

* remove verification token admin class

* remove incorrect namespace import

* add migration merge

* create final migration

* replace constant timestamp with a dynamic one
Latest commit 8f1bbea Aug 22, 2019


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How to use Make?

We use Make to make to manage running our project. Run this command in terminal to see what Make commands are available:


How to debug backend?

Run in terminal:

make debug-backend

After finishing debugging detach from shell using CTRL+p and CTRL+q.

Initial admin credentials

We have 2 levels of admin users and 2 initial users - with and without Django Admin access:

username password Django Admin access cfp123 yes pah123 no

API documentation

Available at /api/docs/ URL. Documentation is available only to logged-in users (DRF quirk).

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