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Development repo for Sprouts web app.

🚄 Tech Stack

Frontend: HTML, CSS, JQuery, React.js
Backend: AWS Amplify
AWS: EC2, DynamoDB, Cognito, MobileHub

📦 Setup

Node version: > 8.x
NPM version: 6.4.0

Install AWS Mobile and AWS Amplify CLI

$> npm install -g awsmobile-cli
# configure awsmobile (need credentials from CTC)
$> awsmobile configure
# initialize awsmobile project (need project id from CTC)
$> awsmobile init <project-id>

Install NPM packages

$> npm install

Update AWSMobile Configurations

$> awsmobile pull

Run app locally

$> npm start

go to http://localhost:3000 to view app.

📐 Design File