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Coderockr Way Github Setup

Using this script your project will be bootstraped with the basic labels needed to control your issues according with the Coderockr Way methodology

You can take a look here:

We now support setting up projects on GitHub and GitLab, click in the links to see more.

How to use


This repository has a script named coderockr-way-github-setup.bash there are two ways to use it.

  1. You could just call it direct from GitHub using cURL, and it will ask you the info to updated your repository:
$ bash -c "$(curl -sL"
Type your Github repository name (owner/repo_name): lucassabreu/coderockr-way-github-setup
Type your Github username: lucassabreu
Type your Github password (won't be shown):
  1. Or you install into your machine and run it directly setting parameters (or not and it will be asked as shown before):

Usage: coderockr-way-github-setup -u githubUser -p githubPassword owner/repo

    --user, -u      GitHub username
    --password, -p  GitHub password
    --verbose, -v   Details process

Using Github Token

If you're using github token you must set the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN, then the script will ignore and won't ask for your username and password


Much like the GitHub script, this repository has a script named coderockr-way-gitlab-setup.bash and there are two ways to use it.

  1. Just run it directly from GitHub using cURL, a GitLab personal token and projects name (owner/project) will be asked:
$ bash -c "$(curl -sL"
Type your GitLab repository name (owner/repo_name): coderockr/awesome-project
Type your GitLab Private-token: <private-token>
  1. Or, after installing it, you can run it directly with parameters (or not and they will be asked as if you were running from GitHub)

Usage: ./coderockr-way-gitlab-setup.bash --token gitlab-private-token [-u] owner/repo

    --help, -h    Show this help
    --token, -t   GitLab Private-Token (defaults to $GITLAB_TOKEN)
    --url, -u     GitLab base URL (defaults to $GITLAB_URL or
    --verbose, -v Details process


To install into your machine just run the commands bellow, and then use the command coderockr-way-github-setup or coderockr-way-gitlab-setup.

GitHub Setup

curl -sL "" -o "/usr/local/bin/coderockr-way-github-setup"
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/coderockr-way-github-setup

GitLab Setup

curl -sL "" -o "/usr/local/bin/coderockr-way-gitlab-setup"
chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/coderockr-way-gitlab-setup


Basic setup to use the Coderockr Way methodology





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