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Cactus Carer will keep track of when you last watered and fed all your cacti and tell you when you should be watering and feeding them to keep them alive.

As cactus care is based on seasons which change based on which hemisphere you are in, you can tell Cactus Carer which hemisphere you are in and it will alter its instructions to accordingly.

A few example commands are:

  • "Alexa, tell cactus carer I have a cactus called {name}"
  • "Alexa, ask cactus carer what does {name} need?"
  • "Alexa, tell cactus carer I watered {name}"

That's only 3 commands, the rest are available to see at

Along with a great Alexa interface, Cactus Carer also has an online dashboard which you can log in to at

If you want to use Cactus Carer you can get it from the Amazon store at