An ESLint config that doesn't get in the way of refactoring.
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The goal of this ESLint config is to enforce safety and a consistent style, while not getting in the way of refactoring. In particular:

  • Unused variables (and thus imports) are allowed, so that if you are temporarily not using a variable you don't have to comment it out elsewhere.
  • Arrow parens and body style are not restricted, so you can add or remove parameters, or switch it between a block and expression without needing to change the style.
  • Quote style is not enforced so you won't need to change backticks to another type of quote if you temporarily remove all template expressions.
  • Constant conditions are allowed so you can do if (true) or if (false) to temporarily get a branch to always pass.
  • console.log(), alert(), and debugger are allowed. How else are you going to get anything done??
  • Unreachable code is allowed so you can put an early return in a block for experimentation.

However, curlies are required; it's just too risky to allow leaving them out.


Install the package:

npm install --save-dev eslint-config-codingitwrong

Then set it in your ESLint config file:

module.exports = {
  "extends": [