Magento 1.x Extension for Codisto LINQ - sync magento with eBay and Amazon
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Welcome to Codisto LINQ Magento to eBay Integration!

Codisto LINQ is revolutionary eBay integration for Magento. Incredibly fast set up and super easy maintenance. Integrate in minutes.

Magento Assistance

New to Codisto LINQ? Need some help?

If you're not sure about the following, you probably need a little help before you start installing the Codisto LINQ plugin:
  • What is Codisto LINQ ? How can I find out some more information ? Please take a look on the website here for a helpful video, contact information and a live demonstration.
  • How do I get assistance with Codisto LINQ ? Articles are available here or support is reachable here.

Assistance with Magento ?

Magento documentation is outside of the scope of Codisto LINQ. Assistance is provided for some common Magento related queries below.

Step 1: Verify your prerequisites

Use the following table to verify you have the correct prerequisites to install Codisto LINQ.

Prerequisite How to check For more information
Magento Community Edition (versions -
Magento Enterprise Edition (versions 1.11 - 1.14)
To check your version consult Magento documentation or use a site such as Magento products overview
PHP, Apache and MySQL versions supported are those specified by the supported Magento versions. (Whilst Magento 1.X requires PHP 5.4 Codisto LINQ aims to be compatible with PHP 5.2) Magento system requirements See our help article
sqlite PDO driver Check enabled PDO drivers using phpinfo Read more about PDO drivers

Step 2: Prepare to install

After verifying your prerequisites, perform the following task in order to prepare to install the Codisto LINQ plugin.

Download the Codisto LINQ plugin from Codisto

[ Stable stable-image ] stable
[ Beta beta-image ] beta
[ Feature feature-image ] feature Make a POST request to$FEATUREBRANCH&download=1 with the header x-codisto-build set to 1


Download from Magento Connect
Codisto LINQ on Magento Connect
Download from GitHub

Download the plugin from

The latest release is available from
The plugin.tgz file located here is ready to install in Magento.

Step 3: Install and verify the installation

Follow the guide here


via SSH (Replace paths as appropriate)
./mage uninstall community CodistoConnect
wget -O plugin.tgz
./mage install-file plugin.tgz
rm plugin.tgz


via SSH (using the Codisto LINQ plugin install helper script)
ssh $USER@$DOMAIN "wget -O && chmod +x ./ && ./"

You may also pipe to your shell of choice but that is discouraged as things can go wrong

ssh $USER@DOMAIN "wget -O - | $SHELL"

Problems with your install?

We continually update our support pages with documentation to assist with any pre or post installation problems. Please check out our installation related support pages, particularly the FAQ.

Contributing to the Codisto LINQ code base

Contributions can take the form of new components or features, changes to existing features, tests, documentation (such as developer guides, user guides, examples, or specifications), bug fixes, optimizations, or just good suggestions.

Please contact support with your ideas or submit a pull request and feel free to contribute.

Copyright and license

Codisto LINQ code set is licensed under the Open Software License 3.0 (OSL-3.0) You may not claim intellectual property or exclusive ownership rights to Codisto LINQ. Codisto LINQ is the property of On Technology.

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