A React.js Component wrapper for creating graphs using c3.js
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React-C3 is a React.js component for building C3.js graphs. It's a small file and has a simple interface.

Currently, only a small subset of the C3.js API is supported, but it's enough to build several types of graphs by simply passing a couple of props and utilizing the React Component lifecycle methods to render and update c3.

Contributing: This library is useful, but there are couple of open issues that would make this very useful. If you're looking for a place to contribute, check out those and feel free to submit a PR!


The component takes three required props:

  • data: A list of data points for the c3 graph. Ex:
let data = {
  columns: [
    ['data1', 75],
    ['data2', 42]
  • element: An HTML Id for the rendered graph. Ex: mygraph
  • type: The type of graph to generate. Ex: donut, pie, guage


import React from 'react'
import Chart from 'react-c3'

class DashboardComponent extends React.Component {
  render() {
    let chartData = {
      columns: [
        ['data1', 75],
        ['data2', 42]

    return (
      <div className="dashboard-component container">
        <div id="testchart"></div>
        <Chart data={chartData} element='testchart' type='pie' />