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What's new

  • PR-345 - Update to Vert.x 3.5 and RxJava 2. Most notable changes are upgrade of Vert.x and RxJava.
    The API is changed, so your custom implementations need to adopt to the latest APIs both of Vert.x and RxJava.
  • PR-320 - Now you can configure the file-uploads folder for POST requests. See Server options for details.
  • PR-347 - You can now add custom response header to the Server. Also custom header can be added to repository & service requests.
  • PR-349 - You can pass Delivery Options to Knot.x Verticles e.g. to manipulate eventbus response timeouts.
    For more details see documentation sections in [[Server|Server#vertx-event-bus-delivery-options]], [[Action Knot|ActionKnot#vertx-event-bus-delivery-options]] and [[Service Knot|ServiceKnot#vertx-event-bus-delivery-options]].
  • PR-354 - You can now enable XSRF protection on default or custom flow at any path. See [[Server|Server#how-to-enable-csrf-token-generation-and-validation]] for details.
  • PR-359 - From now on Knot.x responses with the response of a repository in case of response with status code different than 200.
    You may play with displayExceptionDetails flag
    in order to receive errors stack traces.
  • PR-369 - Better support for SSL for Repository Connector. Please check the documentation of [[HttpRepositoryConnector|HttpRepositoryConnector#how-to-configure-ssl-connection-to-the-repository]] for details of how to setup SSL connection.
  • PR-372 - Added cache for compiled Handlebars snippets, you may configure it in Handlebars config, see more in [[Handlebars Knot docs|HandlebarsKnot#how-to-configure]].
  • PR-374 - Enable keepAlive connection in http client options. This is important fix and we recommend to update your existing configuration of any http client and enable keepAlive option.
  • PR-379 - Added access logging capabilities to the Knotx HTTP Server. Establish standard configuration of logback logger. Check [[Configure Access Log|Server#configure-access-log]] to see how to configure access logs, and [[Logging|Logging]] to see how loggers can be configured to log to console, files for knot.x, access & netty logs.

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