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  1. knotx knotx Public

    Knot.x is a highly-efficient and scalable integration framework designed to build backend APIs

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  2. knotx-server-http knotx-server-http Public

    HTTP Server that handles all incoming HTTP requests and routes the traffic using OpenAPI specs

    Java 2

  3. knotx-fragments knotx-fragments Public

    Fragments map-reduce processing using Graph flows, supplier and assembler.

    Java 3 5

  4. knotx-stack knotx-stack Public

    Stack is a way of distributing fully functional bootstrap project for Knot.x-based solutions

    Java 2 8

  5. knotx-starter-kit knotx-starter-kit Public template

    Knot.x Starter Kit is a template project that you can use when creating some Knot.x extensions.

    Java 1

  6. knotx-example-project knotx-example-project Public

    Example Project contains samples of various Knot.x modules implementations and usages

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