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The repository for the Exposure smart contracts and website.
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Exposure Logo

The cryptocurrency for creative professionals.

GitHub release License Supported by Coinage


This repository has two main components:

  • /contracts: Has the Solidity smart contracts that underpin Exposure.
  • /website: The public website. It's a bootstrap template so there's no real magic happening here, it's oldschool


The contracts are deployed to Mainnet here:

If you want to buy some Exposure, send ETH to the crowdsale contract and you'll receive EXPO back at the rate on this page.

If you're concerned about the owner of the contract front-running your transaction with a different exchange rate you can call the buyTokensAtRate function instead.


To build the contracts, install solc, then:

  1. cd contracts
  2. solc *.sol with whatever options you want, e.g. --abi and/or --bin

Or from your browser, you can:

  1. Use solidifer to flatten the contracts.
  2. Put the flattened version into Remix.

To build the website:

  1. cd website
  2. yarn
  3. yarn start

or if you want to build the static output, then yarn build.

Further Help

Feel free to reach out to us at Coinage, we're happy to help!

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