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The DITA RDF project 0.3.3

The objective of this project is to develop an ontology to describe DITA XML objects and to publish tools to generate RDF triples based on that ontology. In the end, it enables the publication of the metadata of a DITA documentation set to the Semantic Web and consequently its linking with other data types (product, people, sales, non-DITA document metadata, etc.).

The documentation of the project and its deliverables is published at

Change log


  • Realized I didn't have a change log
  • DITA OT plugin: Upload to triple store is skipped is is not available
  • DITA OT plugin: Externalized basic configuration to .properties file
  • Documentation: Updated contact info
  • Improved publishdoc script

##Public domain

The DITA RDF ontology, the DITA RDF plugin and all the code included in the DITA RDF project are free and released into the public domain, excepted the parts that were reused from the pdf2 DITA-OT plugin, developed by Idiom Inc.

See UNLICENSE for the whole shebang.

If you find the DITA RDF project useful, I would be grateful if you tweet about it (something like "Kudos to @CMaudry for the #DITA RDF project! #ditardf") or if you mention the origin and the author of this software in the documentation of your product.


DITA RDF ontology and tools to publish DITA metadata to the Semantic Web






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