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JWX is a library for handling JSON data and more. It is implemented in the SPARK programming language and has been proven to contain no runtime errors. As a result, JWX is particularly suited for processing untrusted information.

In version 0.5.0 of JWX, parsing of Base64 (RFC 4648) data, JSON (RFC 8259) documents, JSON Web Keys (JWK, RFC 7517) and limited support for JSON Web Signatures (JWS, RFC 7515) and JSON Web Tokens (JWT, RFC 7519) is implemented. In the future, JSON Web Encryption (JWE, RFC 7516) and potentially JSON Schema is anticipated.

JWX is available under the AGPLv3 license. For commercial licensing and support mail to


API documentation is available here.

Parsing Base64 data

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with JWX.Util;
with JWX.Base64;

procedure B64 is
   use JWX;
   Len    : Natural;
   Bytes  : Byte_Array (1..50);
   Result : String (1..50);
   Base64.Decode (Encoded => "Zm9vYmFy", Length => Len, Result => Bytes);
   if Len > 0 then
      Util.To_String (Bytes, Result);
      Put_Line (Result (1 .. Len)); -- "foobar"
   end if;
end B64;

Parsing JSON document

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with JWX.JSON;

procedure JSON is
   Data : String := " { ""precision"": ""zip"", ""Latitude"":  37.7668, ""Longitude"": -122.3959, ""Address"": """", ""City"": ""SAN FRANCISCO"", ""State"": ""CA"", ""Zip"": ""94107"", ""Country"": ""US"" }";
   package J is new JWX.JSON (Data);
   use J;
   Result : Index_Type;
   Match : Match_Type;
   Parse (Match);
   if Match = Match_OK and then Get_Kind = Kind_Object
      Result := Query_Object ("City");
      Put_Line ("City: " & Get_String (Result)); -- "SAN FRANCISCO"

      Result := Query_Object ("Latitude");
      Put_Line ("Lat.: " & Get_Real (Result)'Img); -- 37.7668
   end if;
end JSON;

Validating a JSON web token

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
with JWX.JWT; use JWX.JWT;
with JWX_Test_Utils;

procedure JWT is
   Tmp  : String := JWX_Test_Utils.Read_File ("tests/data/JWT_test_data.dat");
   Key  : String := JWX_Test_Utils.Read_File ("tests/data/HTTP_auth_key.json");
   Data : String := Tmp (Tmp'First .. Tmp'Last - 1);
   package J renames Standard.JWX.JWT;
   Result : J.Result_Type;
   Result := J.Validate_Compact (Data     => Data,
                                 Key_Data => Key,
                                 Audience => "4cCy0QeXkvjtHejID0lKzVioMfTmuXaM",
                                 Issuer   => "",
                                 Now      => 1528404620);
   if Result = Result_OK then
      Put_Line ("Token is valid");
   end if;
end JWT;


The following known limitations exist in JWX:

  • While absence of runtime errors has been proven, no formal analysis for the stack usage exists
  • Generation of Base64, JSON, JWS, JWT etc. is not supported (only validation)
  • Unicode is not supported
  • JWS and JWT only support HMAC-SHA256 (no other HMAC modes, RSA or ECDSA)
  • JWS JSON serialization is not supported (only JWS compact serialization)
  • Only the registered claims iss, exp and aud are supported
  • No scopes or custom claims are supported


Check out JWX and build it:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd jwx
$ make

To build the test cases, AUnit must be in your project path. To build an run the tests do:

$ make test


AGPLv3, see LICENSE file for details.

Contact or through the issue tracker at