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Conceal Network

Privacy-protected DeFi & Encrypted Communications

Conceal Network

Privacy-protected DeFi & Encrypted Communications


Maintained by Conceal Developers, overseen by Conceal Team and driven by Conceal Community.

What's Conceal Network?

Conceal Network is a POW (Proof of Work) peer-to-peer privacy-preserving network made for Private DeFi and Encrypted Communications. Conceal Network is a decentralized financial ecosystem which offers protocol-level private transactions, blockchain deposits (or what we call it “Cold Staking” in simple terms, it’s like normal staking but done on our POW (Proof of Work) chain instead of a POS chain), additionally Conceal Network offers on-chain & off-chain encrypted messages. These unique functionalities make it effortless for everyday users to manage their finances and communicate securely and privately.

Conceal provides the ability for individuals to communicate and financially interact with each other in a totally anonymous manner. Two persons may exchange messages, conduct business, and transact funds without ever knowing the true name, or legal identity, of the other. Interactions over networks are untraceable, via cryptographic protocols.

₡CCX mimics the properties of cash. Nobody knows how or where you spend your folding cash. You go to the ATM, take out money and you can buy an ice-cream or that pretty old chair at the neighborhood yard sale and there is no record of it anywhere, unlike with a credit card. These powerful privacy-preserving abilities will act as a critical bulwark against the inevitable rise of Panopticon digital money. They may be our only hope. The end of cash means the end of free choice. That’s where Conceal comes into the picture.

A lot of people say there is no killer app for crypto. They’re wrong. We’ve figured out how to mimic cash in an environment that is entirely focused on privacy: The biggest feature of cash is that it’s really hard to track. In other words, anonymity is the main feature of cash. Only the two parties that conducted business know it happened. Conceal (₡CCX) is the death of blockchain analysis. Conceal brings back the true anonymity of cash. Conceal is open-source, community driven and truly decentralized. No one owns it, everyone can take part.

₡CCX is the native coin of Conceal Network, and is based on the CryptoNote protocol.

Conceal network is building the first ever private decentralized ecosystem, come join us!



  1. conceal-core conceal-core Public

    Conceal Core (CLI)

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  2. conceal-desktop conceal-desktop Public

    Conceal Desktop (GUI)

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  3. conceal-guardian conceal-guardian Public

    Conceal Guardian - Conceal's Node Monitor

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  4. conceal-app conceal-app Public

    Conceal App - "One App" to rule them all

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