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Twitter: conexiotech

Here you will find all the Conexio device application examples and associated files to get started with creating and building your first application. These devices include nRF9161 based Conexio Stratus Pro and nRF9160 based Stratus which are global cellular kits and Conexio Blitz which is BLE 5.4 + WiFi-6 kit. The current sample applications are compatible with nRF Connect SDK (NCS) v2.6.x.

Getting Started

The Conexio docs are a great place to explore our hardware, firmware, & developer tools, and find all the information you need to build your own connected product with Stratus.

To fetch the nRF91 Stratus sample applications Using nRF Connect SDK as a manifest repository add the following entry to west.yml file in ncs/v2.6.0/nrf subtree of the existing west-based project:

# Conexio repository.
    - name: conexio
      path: conexio
      revision: main
      import: west-nrf.yml

Now clone the repository, by issuing the following command:

west update

Your nRF Connect SDK v2.6.0 folder structure should now look like this:

├─ bootloader/
├─ conexio/ <- stratus samples folder
├─ mbedtls/
├─ modules/
├─ nrf/
├─ nrfxlib/
├─ test/
├─ toolchain/
├─ tools/
├─ zephyr/

🖱 Click on any of the projects below to go to the full walk-through tutorial or Hackster projects and learn how to build and execute them on your Stratus device.

Getting Started with nRF Connect for Visual Studio Code
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Up and Running with ZephyrRTOS on nRF9160 Conexio Stratus Platform
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Connecting nRF9160 Conexio Stratus to Datacake Platform
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Machine Learning with Conexio Stratus and Edge Impulse
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Connecting Conexio Stratus to Golioth
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Device Debugging and Monitoring using Memfault
Blog | Hackster | Source Code

Stratus Sample Applications Roadmap

This repository is still under development and we have many example applications on the way! These applications will cover a majority of features we plan to support for the Conexio Stratus kit. For reference, here's our tentative roadmap to version 1.0:

Feature Status
User LEDs
LIS2DH accelerometer based motion sensing
SHT4x temperature & humidity sensing
Battery monitoring
DPS310 temperature & pressure sensing
Seeedstudio groove buzzer
BME280 environmental sensor
AT client
nRF cloud client
Datacake cloud client
Edge Impulse machine learning
Golioth firmware over-the-air update
Golioth cloud client
Memfault cloud client
IoT Creators cloud
UsefulSensors Person Sensor
Watchdog timer
TeraBee level sensing
Cellular based location
Asset tracking
Qubitro cloud client
  • ✅ = Ready to use
  • ⏺ = Partial support
  • ⏳ = In progress
  • ❌ = Not started (but on roadmap)


Got Questions? Post it on our discussions forum or join the conversation in our Discord channel.

Have an idea? Notice a bug?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to log an issue on our GitHub issues page. If your question is more personal, our Twitter DMs are always open as well or


Licensing is very important to open source projects. It helps ensure the software continues to be available under the terms that the author desired.

Our firmware uses the Apache 2.0 license (as found in the LICENSE file in the project’s GitHub repo) to strike a balance between open contribution and allowing you to use the software however you would like to. The Apache 2.0 license is a permissive open source license that allows you to freely use, modify, distribute and sell your own products that include Apache 2.0 licensed software.


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