Tutorial slides for the low-cost LoRa IoT platform
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H2020 WAZIUP & WAZIHUB projects

WAZIUP: Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big data in Sub-Saharan Africa (Fev2016-Jan2019)

WAZIHUB: Accelerating Open IoT and Big Data Innovation in Africa (May2018-Apr2021)

WAZIUP is an H2020 european collaborative research project using cutting edge technological research applications on IoT and related big data management and advanced analytic issues. The project brings liaison with the whole IoT European Research Cluster (IERC) and leading research and development organizations in Africa. The project is driven by a consortium of 5 EU partners and of 7 partners from 4 sub-Saharan African countries. It has support from multiple African stakeholders and public bodies with the aim of defining new innovation space to advance the African Rural Economy. The potential of IoT, in Sub-Saharan Africa, can only be realized if the cost is resolvable as most of the rural population in the Africa is at the poverty level. WAZIUP will take this challenge as the main one to be addressed.

WAZIHUB (in Swahili for Open-Hub) is an innovation project for Africa aiming to create an open hub of IoT and Big data cutting-edge and African grade solutions, co-designed by African people. The vision of WAZIHUB is to exploit IoT potential and share IoT technologies best-practices through the involvement of innovation communities and stakeholder (e.g. young entrepreneur (including woman), startup, developer, innovation hub) from local district, regional, national and African-wide. The project aims to enable the creation of Open Hubs throughout Africa where IoT technology solutions can then be adapted to match local service needs. The project goal is to iterate and extract value from spining-off value-added IoT innovative services (e.g. monitoring, controlling, data analytic) based on the technologies developed in WAZIUP.

Online tutorial

New online Arduino-Sensor-LoRa tutorial for training, hackathons, bootcamps, entrepreneur's days,...Here is the direct link to the LoRa part

Slide-based tutorials

This set of step-by-step tutorials is part of WP2 on "Open IoT Sensing and Communication Platform" describing in images how to build low cost IoT devices and gateways using the LoRa radio technology.

iot4all-intro-lr is a vulgarisation presentation showing how the IoT revolution can be made possible for everybody. It reviews the main IoT technologies then presents the WAZIUP's approach for low-cost IoT. The presentation also shows various real-world deployment campaigns done in the context of WAZIUP.

LPWAN-review.pdf is a review of LPWAN technologies, focusing mainly on LoRa.

smyle-deploying-low-cost-iot.pdf is a summary of LPWAN, IoT and WAZIUP's objectives when deploying low-cost and long-range Internet of Things in developing countries. This presentation has been made at SMYLE event en September 2016.

FAQ.pdf is our low-cost LoRa framework Frequently Asked Questions. It is advised to read it first.

demo-slides.pdf is a set of slides that we use for demonstrating our low-cost LoRa IoT framework.

Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-step-by-step.pdf shows how to build a simple LoRa IoT sensing device with the simple temperature example and an Arduino Pro Mini, running on 4-AA battery for several months.

Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-outdoor-step-by-step.pdf shows how you can improve the design for out-door usage.

WAZIUP-Deployment-guidelines.pdf describes some deployment issues and best practices when deploying IoT and gateways.

Low-cost-LoRa-device-leaflet.pdf is a leaflet summarizing the IoT device side.

Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-supported-sensors.pdf explains in a didactic manner how physical sensors can be connected and how they can be integrated into our generic framework.

Low-cost-LoRa-GW-step-by-step.pdf shows how you can build and configure the LoRa gateway with a Raspberry PI to start pushing data to the cloud.

Low-cost-LoRa-GW-web-admin.pdf explains the web admin interface extension to easily configure and update your gateway.

Low-cost-LoRa-GW-leaflet.pdf is a leaflet summarizing the gateway side.

Low-cost-LoRa-ImageIoT-step-by-step.pdf shows how you can build a long-range image sensor based on the Teensy32 and a 4D System uCamII camera. It also explains how the gateway receives and provides display features of the transmitted images.

RESSACS16-Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-step-by-step.pdf shows how you can use the gateway program to have a simple interactive sender node and how you can push data to cloud. This tutorial is kind of complementory to the Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-step-by-step.pdf tutorial.

Low-cost-LoRa-Ghana-iSpace-public-event.pdf is an other presentation on how to build low-cost IoT with our framework.

low-cost-iot-hardware-parts.pdf lists all the parts you need to build both the low-cost device and the gateway.

Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-using-demo-kit.pdf explains how the WAZIUP long-range demo kit can be used for demonstration purposes. It will show how to use the out-of-the-box gateway distribution raspberrypi-jessie-WAZIUP-demo.dmg.zip and the Arduino_LoRa_Simple_temp sketch example.

Low-cost-LoRa-IoT-antennaCable.pdf is a tutorial on how to assemble an antenna cable with SMA and/or N connectors to match your antenna and radio module connectors. This is mainly required when you want to use a higher gain antenna or when you want to place the antenna outdoor and have your gateway indoor to simplify deployment.

Low-cost-LoRa-Collar.pdf shows a Cattle Rustling use Case where LoRa collar is used for preventing cattle rustling. There are 2 versions: a simple beacon version using only the LoRa radio module and a GPS version with a GPS module (UBlox 6/7/8) where GPS coordinates of the collar can be received. The Arduino code for the collar is available here: simple beacon and GPS.

Video tutorials

There are also 3 tutorial videos on YouTube:

that show in images all the steps to build the whole framework from scratch.

Enjoy! C. Pham University of Pau (UPPA)