Anaconda plugin for StarCluster
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Anaconda Plug-in for StarCluster


$ pip install StarCluster
$ git clone git://
$ mkdir -p $HOME/.starcluster/plugins
$ cp anaconda-ec2/config.anaconda $HOME/.starcluster/config
$ cp anaconda-ec2/ $HOME/.starcluster/plugins

Then edit $HOME/.starcluster/config and enter your credentials, keypair, and region settings. You can check your settings before launch using:

$ starcluster start --validate-only myconda

Assuming this command doesnt return any errors you should be ready to launch a cluster:

$ starcluster start myconda

Changes to StarCluster Config

The Anaconda StarCluster config uses the Anaconda AMIs:

  • AMI US-EAST-1 = ami-63bb2c0a (Anaconda 1.3)
  • AMI US-WEST-2: ami-a4d64194 (Anaconda 1.4)

All versions of Anaconda on the Anaconda AMIs can be upgrade with the following commands:

$ conda update conda
$ conda update anaconda

The Anaconda StarCluster config defines and configures the necessary plugin and permission sections for Anaconda:

[plugin anaconda_plugin]
SETUP_CLASS = anaconda_plugin.ConfigAnaconda

[permission disco]
FROM_PORT = 8989
TO_PORT = 8989

[cluster smallcluster]
PLUGINS = anaconda_plugin