Java SDK for Contrast REST API
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Contrast TeamServer Java SDK

This SDK gives you a quick start for programmatically accessing the Contrast REST API using Java.


  • JDK 7/8
  • Maven
  • TeamServer account

How to use this SDK

  1. Clone the project and run 'clean install' Maven goals to build the artifact with the latest code

  2. Add contrast-sdk-java to your project dependency:

  3. Look up the following information from TeamServer

  4. Do what you want!

Code example:

ContrastSDK contrastSDK = new ContrastSDK("", "testServiceKey", "testApiKey", "");

String orgUuid = contrastSDK.getProfileDefaultOrganizations().getOrganization().getOrgUuid();

Applications apps = contrastSDK.getApplications(orgUuid);
for (Application app : apps.getApplications()) {
    System.out.println(app.getName() + " (" + app.getCodeShorthand() + " LOC)");

Sample output:

Aneritx (48K LOC)
Default Web Site (0k LOC)
EnterpriseTPS (48K LOC)
Feynmann (48K LOC)
jhipster-sample (0k LOC)
JSPWiki (48K LOC)
Liferay (48K LOC)
OpenMRS (65K LOC)
OracleFS (48K LOC)
Security Test (< 1K LOC)
Ticketbook (2K LOC)
WebGoat (48K LOC)
WebGoat7 (106K LOC)