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Before you begin the process of setting up Contrast, explore the requirements, processes and benefits to including it in your current workflows.

About the Contrast Application

The Contrast application for Enterprise-on-Premises (EOP) is designed for ease of deployment and simplicity of configuration. EOP customers must only set up the central Contrast application once per organization.

Contrast strongly advises the use of Contrast's Software as a Service (SaaS) product. It’s SOC-2 Type II compliant, and gets security and feature updates as they become available. To connect to SaaS mode, follow the instructions provided to your administrator. These instructions also contain the credentials you need to log in to the Contrast application. SaaS customers can go the following section on Agents for the appropriate installation instructions.

Installation for EOP

Using Assess, Protect or both as an EOP customer requires two installations:

  • Central instance of the Contrast application
  • Agent for each web application server

The installation contains all embedded components that make up the system configuration. These components include a Tomcat servlet container, MySQL database instance, Cassandra NoSQL instance and an Oracle Hotspot Java Virtual Machine. All of these components are embedded within the installation binary and deployed to a single server as part of the Contrast architecture.

As you prepare to install Contrast in your own environment, verify that your configuration complies with Contrast's system requirements and sizing requirements. You can also update Java options, and take advantage of Contrast logs and tools when you run Contrast on Windows or Linux.


To access configuration options, log in to the Administrative interface (/Contrast/superadmin/login.html). The bulk of the application's configuration is handled here. You can configure and update authentication settings from a variety of authentication providers, including Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-On. Contrast can also be configured to automatically create a MySQL backup of the database on a regular, scheduled basis.

Begin onboarding applications by choosing an application server that you want Contrast to analyze. You can then download and install the Contrast agent that's right for you.


To connect to Contrast agents, install an agent into your web application server. Contrast inventories all included servers, applications in each run, vulnerabilities in each application, and CVEs in each library used by each application.

  • The Java agent analyzes the behavior of Java web applications running on your container of choice.

  • The .NET agent analyzes the behavior of .NET web applications running on IIS as users interact with these applications.

  • The Node agent analyzes the behavior of Node.js web applications by using established techniques, such as source-to-source compilation, to intercept and add Contrast's sensors to an application prior to execution.

  • The Ruby agent provides runtime protection of Ruby on Rails web applications.

  • The Python agent provides runtime protection of Django, Flask and Pyramid web applications.