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The Contrast Service

Running on Windows

In Windows, Contrast is installed as a system service. You can start and stop the service through the Windows Service Manager application.

Running on Linux

Root installation

The Contrast daemon is registered as an init.d daemon. Starting and stopping the server should be done by invoking:

/etc/init.d/contrast-server <start|stop|restart|status>


service contrast-server <start|stop|restart|status>

Non-root installation

To start the Contrast server independently of the parent shell, execute:

nohup /path/to/installation/contrast/bin/contrast-server start >/dev/null 2>1

Update Java Options

If you need to change the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings for your Contrast server instance, you can open the file $CONTRAST_HOME/bin/contrast-server.vmoptions. This file contains standard JVM parameters that are passed to the underlying virtual machine when the Contrast server process starts. For example, if you want to update the server to allow more heap memory usage, you could update the -Xmx setting to a different value.

Contrast Logs

Contrast has several logs that each store different information. The log files and their purposes are shown in the table below:

Log File Description
audit.log Logs audit events such as successful/failed login attempts
console.log Default application event log
contrast-error.log Logs messages printed to stderr
contrast-stdout.log Logs messages printed to stdout
contrast.log Primary application log
esapi.log Captures security events
windward.log Captures reporting server events

Contrast Tools

Contrast comes with various utilities that you can run from the command line to assist with performing maintenance, managing encrypted properties files and performing backups of the database.

Encrypted properties editor

You may need to access the values of encrypted properties files outside of the application interface, or automate the updating of some property such as automated bind password rotation. Using the encrypted properties editor is a powerful way to perform these types of operations.

The encrypted properties editor binary is located at $CONTRAST_HOME/bin/edit-properties. As an interactive property editor, invoking it is as simple as providing the path to your ESAPI configuration and the file that needs work.

$CONTRAST_HOME/bin/edit-properties -e $CONTRAST_HOME/data/esapi -f $CONTRAST_HOME/data/conf/

This opens an interactive application that allows you to update the values of properties. You can also retrieve the unencrypted value of a property - like a shell script to back up the database - by passing another parameter to the tool:

$CONTRAST_HOME/bin/edit-properties \
   -e $CONTRAST_HOME/data/esapi \
   -f $CONTRAST_HOME/data/conf/ \
   -p jdbc.username \

Update the value of a property in the file by passing a different set of arguments:

$CONTRAST_HOME/bin/edit-properties \
   -e $CONTRAST_HOME/data/esapi \
   -f $CONTRAST_HOME/data/conf/ \
   -p jdbc.username \
   -v joe.blow \
   -c "Updating JDBC Password"

Get help by executing edit-properties with no arguments:

$ bin/edit-properties
usage: property-editor
 -c,--comment <text>      The comment for the top of the file
 -e,--esapi <path>        The path to the file
 -f,--targetFile <file>   The properties file to edit
 -o,--print-value         Print out the value of the property and exit
 -p,--property <name>     The name of the property to set
 -v,--value <val>         The value of the property