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The main repository for the Android version of Cool Mic


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 Cool Mic 1.x README

Cool Mic is an open source Icecast source client. It livestreams audio captured by your Android
device’s microphone or mic in / line in jack. It can stream to any Icecast server in the
open-source audio formats Ogg/Opus and Ogg/Vorbis. It has many features and a simple, easy to use
interface. Cool Mic aims to be the best way to livestream quality audio from your
smartphone or tablet.


  + Streams live audio from microphone or mic/line jack to any Icecast 2.x server
  + Configurable metadata (Title, Artist) sent to Icecast
  + Easy sharing of your unique livestream URL
  + Auto-reconnect feature
  + Input gain (input volume) slider
  + Graphical VU meter with adjustable update interval
  + Active listener count (current + peak/max)
  + Broadcast length timer
  + Supports the open source, patent free Ogg/Opus audio codec
  + Supports the open source, patent free Ogg/Vorbis audio codec
  + Configurable Opus + Vorbis quality level settings
  + Configurable Icecast ‘source‘ username
  + Configurable number of audio channels (1/Mono, 2/Stereo)
  + Configurable sample rate (8000, 11025, 16000, 22050, 44100, 48000Hz)
  + Configurable server port (Under “Connection”, use SERVER:PORT)
  + Scan QR Code for auto-configuration
  + Allows basic testing by using predefined Cool Mic Test Server configuration (CMTS)
  + Prevents screen + Wi-Fi sleep mode during livestream
  + Check current Cool Mic -> Android OS permissions
  + Simple and easy to use interface
  + 100% Open Source (GPLv3) Android app

Getting Involved / Contact

We are actively seeking people to help develop Cool Mic. If you are interested, please use the
following methods to contact us:

  + EMail:
  + IRC:            #coolmic on Freenode (
  + Mailing Lists:

+ Website: