Thermophysical properties for the masses
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Welcome to CoolProp

CoolProp is a thermophysical property database and wrappers for a selection of programming environments. It offers similar functionality to REFPROP, but CoolProp is open-source and free. It was originally developed by Ian Bell, currently a post-doc at the University of Liege, in Liege, Belgium.

  • CoolProp has flexible licensing terms: Commercial - ok! Academic? - ok! license
  • For Python, get the latest release via pip install coolprop PyPI downloads PyPI version
  • ... other binaries are available from SourceForge sourceforge downloads CoolProp version tag
  • There is also a bleeding edge nightly build of the development version .
  • The documentation is available for the latest release and the development version
  • For any kind of question regarding CoolProp and its usage, you can ask the CoolProp user group
  • ... you might also find answers in our FAQ
  • If you found a bug or have an issue that requires the developers to become active, please file an issue in our issue tracker
  • Contributions to this project are welcomed and encouraged! If you wish to contribute bug fixes, patches, or new features, wrappers, or material properties, please submit a Pull Request with your code.
  • If you are new to Git and Github, please see the CoolProp Wiki for guidance on becoming a contributor to the project.
  • Accelerate development of things you really need implemented by posting at Bountysource
  • Check Travis CI for build failures Travis CI builds and have a look at the coverity stats Coverity Scan Build Status