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@t4k t4k released this Jun 8, 2017 · 813 commits to master since this release


If you need to update from the 2.0-beta, please run this file against your resources database.

If you were already running 2.0-RC or 2.0.0 then your database should be up-to-date.

Fresh installations and upgrades from 1.x should follow the standard install documentation.

Release notes

Changes since 2.0.0

A bug was introduced in 2.0.0 since the 2.0-RC for the Resources Import Tool. This releases addresses that critical issue.

General 2.0 release notes


Unified Installer and Upgrade Script

A unified installer for new installations, plus a new upgrade script for existing installations, has been contributed by Wheaton College. This is a significant structural change since previously each module had its own version and installation process. For installation instructions see

CSS Modifications

Thanks to contributions from SirsiDynix, this release features a thorough redo of CSS throughout CORAL which results in a fresher, more up-to-date look and feel.


With the help of BibLibre and SirsiDynix, CORAL is now available in English, French, and Chinese (Mandarin and Simplified) translations. Additional language translations can be readily added in the future.

Updated Documentation

New and updated documentation has been created for this release. This documentation comes with a quick search feature and is available via a help link in the header of each module. The new documentation has been migrated into Github and is available for community participation, development and interaction. See the following for more information on how to participate This work has been coordinated and completed by members of the CORAL Web Committee.


The footer detail in each module is now consistent in terms of version, copyright statement, and links to the CORAL website and to report an issue.


Import Funds/Create Funds

Another new feature from SirsiDynix is the ability to batch upload/create funds so that codes used in your ILS can readily be reused in CORAL. This is located in Admin tab > Funds. In addition, this release changes the Fund search option from a text field to a dropdown.

Enhancements to File Import

There is a much richer set of options for batch import of resource information including the ability within the Admin section to define import profiles, e.g. for KBART. Contributed by SirsiDynix.

Enhancements to Routing

North Carolina State University contributed a series of workflow enhancements in the Routing tab in this release. This includes the ability to restart and archive a completed workflow, display the archived workflows, add or delete a workflow step, re-assign a workflow step and send email reminders. The enhancements allow users to manage resource renewals and to empower users to customize a workflow associated with a resource.

API for Proposing New Resource

This is another contribution from North Carolina State University. The API allows users to submit a new resource to the Resource module via a client form.

Enhanced Cost History

New fields have been added to Cost History by BibLibre.


Import Licenses via ONIX-PL

CORAL allows you to import licenses via the ONIX for Publications Licenses (ONIX-PL) protocol, an XML format for the communication of license terms for digital publications. Contributed by SirsiDynix. For more details about ONIX-PL, see

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