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Status: Active For CoreMedia CMS

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CoreMedia Social Media Hub

The Social Media Hub allows users to integrate various social networks into the CoreMedia Studio. It provides a separate tab that shows the different social network feeds and messages that have been scheduled for publishing.

The Social Media Hub is implemented as a Blueprint extension.

Since we usually only work on the latest CoreMedia version, the latest version of the documentation and demo content may be on the latest version branch.

Documentation & Tutorial

Demo Content

To enable the Social Media Hub, some settings have to be created on a global or site specific level. A global example configuration can be found here:

Issue Tracker


  • From the project's root folder, clone this repository as a submodule of the extensions folder. Make sure to use the branch name that matches your workspace version.
git submodule add  -b 1907.1 modules/extensions/coremedia-social-hub
  • Use the extension tool in the root folder of the project to link the modules to your workspace.
mvn -f workspace-configuration/extensions com.coremedia.maven:extensions-maven-plugin:LATEST:sync -Denable=coremedia-social-hub

For the IDEA import:

  • Ignore folder ".remote-package"
  • Disable "Settings > Compiler > Clear output directory on rebuild" to ensure the Studio development roundtrip

Open Issues

Please check the issues section of the project: