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Progress List: a plugin for Grafana
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Progress List Panel


A panel showing list of progress-like items in one board. More about development of the plugin.

How To Use

  1. Create a metric query where result looks like this: [(time, key, value)]
  2. Goto "Options" tab and choose aggregation function and other options

More info in tutorials

Progress list will try to aggregate all values by key using chosen aggregate function.

Progress list can be thought of as many simple Singlestat Panels. But items are generated from the query, rather than defined manually.


grafana-cli plugins install corpglory-progresslist-panel

See Also

Dicussion on Grafana Community Forum Based on Webpack Typescript Template

About CorpGlory Inc.

The project developed by CorpGlory Inc., a company which provides high quality software development, data visualization, Grafana and monitoring consulting.

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