A minimalistic and open-source watchface for WearOS
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A minimalistic and open-source watchface for WearOS


Watch App

Current planned features:

  • New and more icons to match all of the different weather types available from Dark Sky
  • Built-in $3ish subscription if you don't want to use a Dark Sky API key and/or want to support the development of the app
  • Option to show the Dark Sky summary at the bottom of the watch face
  • Option to show calendar events similar to the "At a glance" widget on pixel devices
  • Option to adjust weather update interval (currently defaults to 30 min)

Edit (features recommended by you guys):

  • Option to enable an ambient mode with white outlined text
  • Add more spacing between clock and time, increase sizes if possible
  • Move time down a bit to be more centered
  • Option to display watch battery
  • Enable burn in protection for ambient mode
  • Add methods to support development
  • Option to put complications beneath the weather readout
  • Option to toggle display of WearOS logo
  • Option to display heartbeat
  • Show upcoming alarms
  • Replace icons with the icons from here:
  • Correspond all of those icons with Dark Sky weather codes
  • Try and match as many OpenStreetMap weather codes to icons as possible
  • Add summary for Dark Sky users that will show the "summary" from dark sky on the watch face
  • Add an "At a glance" style widget or complication that shows calendar data


  • Add comma after day to match Pixel phones
  • Retrieve the Dark Sky summary in the user's language
  • Option for European date style (Thu 14 Feb)
  • Option to remove the temperature decimal point

Phone App

  • Add setting to let the user pick how often the watch checks for weather (30 min at the least, 6 hours at the most or similar)

  • Add setting to toggle the Dark Sky summary

  • Add setting to toggle "At a glance" stuff

  • Create an actual UI for the companion app that looks nice for the settings (maybe show a rough preview of the watch screen at the top and then update that when you change settings)

  • Displaying preview of watch face:

    • Have the watch send its watchbounds in the oncreate method
    • Have the phone check for this info and use it in shaping the preview window
    • Sync settings from the watch vs sharedpreferences on the phone
  • Add subtle explanations that explain what extra features using the Dark Sky API gives you

  • Add yearly subscription that covers the cost of Dark Sky API calls for a year If the watch checked the Dark Sky weather API every 30 minutes for 365 days it would cost $1.752 USD. Google takes a 30% cut so 1.752 = x - .3x. x = $2.503 USD as the minimum yearly subscription cost. If I make that a simple $3/year Google would take $0.9 leaving $2.1 left over. The API costs would take $1.752 from that meaning I would make $0.348 per year per person. That is alright I guess.

  • Add donation options for supporting me and my projects


Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corvettecole.pixelwatchface