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Use Buttons As PIN Input

Assign a multi-button controller (e.g., Aeon Labs Aeotec Minimote, Enerwave Scene Controller) to be a security 'PIN code' input pad, which triggers a Hello Home action, Mode, lock, arm/disarm or switch toggle.

More details on SmartThings Community Forum (some info may be merged back here):

Use Cases:

  • tbd.


  • Beta release to Community for testing, feedback, feature requests.
  • Currently hard limited to 2-9 digits from a choice of 1-4 (default), 1-[numButtons (max 9)] if set in device.numButtons (e.g., Enerwave = 1-7).
  • Tested With:
    1. 4-button Aeon Labs Minimote, button-push only, no support for button-held.
    2. 7-button ZWN-SC7 Enerwave 7 Button Scene Controller, per @mattjfrank:

Summary Changelog (See github "Releases" for Release Notes):

  • tbd.