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The following introduction is an excerpt from the documentation.

WebCA is a framework which allows users easy and fast creation of Channel Access (CA) Clients using web browsers. Users create CA clients by composing WebCA components in XML ([3]) syntax and adding them to a HTML document or a standalone XML document called CAML document. The CAML document is validated against XML Schema ([4]). This concept expunges errors in CAML document. The resulting XML document, which is either a HTML document with WebCa components (CAML components) or CAML document, is then transformed by web browser using XSL Transformation (XSLT [5]) into HTML powered by JavaScript. Web browser must have NPCA plugin [1] installed.

WebCA was tested on the following web browsers:

OS Browser Version Comments
MAC OS X Leopard Safari 3.0.4 WebKit nightly build was used due to SVG render problems.
Firefox SVG render problems.
Firefox 3 beta 2
Camino 1.5.3 Same SVG problems as Firefox ( due to Gecko engine)
Windows XP SP2 Firefox
Safari 3.0.4 WebKit r28899 was used due to SVG render problems.
Linux (SL 4) Firefox

[1]: NPCA plugin api documentation, Cosylab, 2007 ( [2]: WebCA design document, Cosylab, 2007 [3]: Extensible Markup Language (XML) [4]: XML Schema [5]: XSL Transformations,