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Fast, reliable and flexible PHP CMF/CMS
PHP Smarty CSS JavaScript HTML SourcePawn
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datas Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
images Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
js fix #1419
lang Translated ru lang and some cosmetic change
lib Cleaner file endings for #1077.
modules fix #1417
plugins Closes #1423: User images management for Admin
setup Update sql patches
system Fix #1420: cot_safename: duplicate filenames
themes Translated ru lang and some cosmetic change
.gitattributes Rollback .gitattributes
.gitignore cot_plugins fields pl_hook, pl_code, pl_part length set to 255
.htaccess Next several changes for - #76 Rewrite Admin Area to use Templates
Install.txt Handy URLs #593 need to be enabled manually after installing to make …
License.txt fix for #1380
admin.php Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
apple-touch-icon.png Add Apple touch icon
favicon.ico New Cotonti logo for Renaissance
index.php Fix php-cli server URLs fix
install.php Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
login.php Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
message.php Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
rc.php Update phpDoc tags, fix #1023
robots.txt fix for #1222
sef-urls.htaccess Small change - add ua locale to Language selector
sef-urls.nginx.conf Fixed #974
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