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Arduino Based Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Arduino Code for a Ghostbusters Neutrino Wand and Proton Pack

I'm in the process of building a proton pack for my son and this is the progress I have made so far. I have included the models for 3d printing, all sounds but the ghostbusters theme song, and the arduino code to control all of this. The models for 3d printing are scaled to 83%. The proton pack models are also mirrored for a left handed users pack. Once I have some time I'll post non-mirrored files.

The models are based off the following things on thingiverse:

This pack utilizes many off the shelf products for the electronics to make the build as easy as possible. Total cost is around $80 for the parts if sourced from amazon. You can find cheaper on ebay

I bought the light covers from digikey - light near the clippard - sloblo - Vent light front - Vent light rear (no led tied to this one)

For the optional bargraph we are using the SparkFun SX1509 expander board and some resitor networks/bargraphs from digikey. If you want to use the bargraph you need to move the code from the test file into the main file and overwrite the stub functions. Since I won't be using it in my son's pack I removed it from the main file

Here's a video of the whole shebang put together