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Coursemology is an open source gamified learning platform that enables educators to increase student engagement and make learning fun.

Setting up Coursemology

System Requirements

  1. Ruby (>= 2.5.3)
  2. Ruby on Rails
  3. PostgreSQL (>= 9.5)
  4. ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick (For MiniMagick- if PDF processing doesn't work for the import of scribing questions, download Ghostscript)
  5. Node.js (<= 9.6)
  6. Yarn

Coursemology uses Ruby on Rails. In addition, some front-end components use React.js. This guide written by the awesome people at GoRails should help you to get started on Ruby on Rails.

Getting Started

  1. We use submodules in the git repo; use this command to update submodules:

    git submodule update --init --recursive
  2. Download bundler to install dependencies

    $ gem install bundler
  3. Install ruby dependencies

    $ bundle install --without ci:production
  4. Install javascript dependencies

    $ cd client && yarn; cd -
  5. Create and seed the database

    $ bundle exec rake db:setup
  6. Start webpack and the development app server

    $ foreman start

    Or if you are not using foreman:

    # Start the webpack dev server:
    $ cd client && yarn build:development
    # Run this command to compile the assets before running the test suite.
    $ cd client && yarn build:test
  7. You're all set! Simply login with the default username and password:


Password: Coursemology!


Multi Tenancy

To make sure that multi tenancy works correctly for you, change the default host in config/application.rb before deploying:

config.x.default_host = ''

Opening Reminder Emails

Email reminders for items which are about to start are sent via a cronjob which should be run once an hour. See config/initializers/sidekiq.rb and config/schedule.yml for sample configuration which assumes that the Sidekiq and Sidekiq-Cron gems are used.

If you use a different job scheduler, edit those files so your favourite job scheduler invokes the ConsolidatedItemEmailJob job once an hour.

Found Boogs?

Create an issue on the Github issue tracker or come talk to us over at our Slack channels.


We welcome contributions to Coursemology! Check out the issue tracker and pick something you'll like to work on. Please read our Contributor's Guide for guidance on our conventions.

If you are a student from NUS Computing looking for an FYP project, do check with Prof Ben Leong.


Copyright (c) 2015-2019 This software is licensed under the MIT License.

Using Coursemology

You're more than welcome to use Coursemology for your own school or organization. If you need more help, join our Slack channel to reach our core developers.

We are actively running Coursemology and can provide free use of our infrastructure on a case by case basis. Please contact Prof Ben Leong if you would like to explore this option.


The Project was made possible by a number of teaching development grants from the National University of Singapore over the years.

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