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Let's Build a Compiler - F# translation of Jack Crenshaw's 1988 Pascal code

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Let's Build a Compiler... in F#!

F# translation of Jack Crenshaw's Pascal code from his article, "Let's Build A Compiler".

Have fun!

Running the Application

Start by running the tests.

You can also use the compiler interactively. Run the project Lbac.Compiler and it will compile a line after you press enter.

Finally, you can run non-interactively, using files:

> copy con > Foo.txt
> Lbac.Compiler -i Foo.txt -o Bar.exe

This produces a console application which returns the result (3!).


Crenshaw's Pascal and text is Copyright (C) 1988 by Jack W. Crenshaw. All rights reserved. I haven't included any of his material here directly, but it was the basis for this series.

My F# code and comments are Copyright 2013 by Craig Stuntz. You may use this code under terms of the MIT license. See License.txt.

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