Creates M3U playlists on a removeable drive.
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Creates M3U playlists on a removeable drive.

If you have a car music system which suppors M3U files (most of them do, I've tested on a BMW) then you can use this program to scan the music on a removable storge device and create a playlist file. Just click on tracks to select/deselect them. You can also click on artists or albums to add multiple files at once.

Type in the name of the playlist and click save to create the playlist on the drive.

I've found it useful. I hope you do too.

From a programming point of view the code is fairly tidy, and might be of interest to programmers because this is a situation where recursion actually makes sense, as it has to traverse a tree structure of music files and albums.

Yes, you could do this with other tools, but I don't care - I enjoyed writing it.

Rob Miles