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cipher stuff for coldfusion

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This project is forked from Bill Shelton's 2009 project of the same name.

I really liked Bill's take on managing one's own hashing tools rather than rely on Adobe, no offence Adobe.

I've, hopefully, brought the original project up to date with a cfscript refactor.

There are only two public methods you'll be using in your application.

  • generateSalt()
    • size - required numeric default = 16
    • type - required string default = 'base64'
  • computeHash()
    • password - required string
    • salt - required string
    • interations - required numeric default = 1024
    • algorithm - required string default = SHA-512

You'll want to generate a salt first, then run that and your password through computeHash().

var crypto = new Crypt0();
var salt = crypto.generateSalt();
var hash = crypto.computeHash('mypassword', salt);

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