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creepMiner GPLv3

The creepMiner is a client application for mining Burst on a pool or solo. For more detailed information on Burst mining. creepMiner is written in C++ and is multi-threaded to get the best performance, it can also be compiled on most operating systems.


  • Mine with your CPU (SSE2/SSE4/AVX/AVX2) or your GPU (OpenCL, CUDA)
  • Mine solo or in a pool
  • Multi Mining (Build a network of several miners)
  • Filter bad deadlines with the auto target deadline feature
  • Responsive web interface for keeping a close eye on your mining
  • Support for BFS (Burst File System)

Getting Started

Please follow the Quick start guide


If you need help and support then please review the FAQ and Setting up the miner

Join the chat at chat and ask in the #help channel.

Build Status

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Linux Build Status Build Status
Windows Build status Build status
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