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TuioTouch plugin for Qt 5


NOTE: As of Qt 5.5, this plugin has been integrated with the main Qt codebase, (revision 9b1f163ac52ea440e83f16b3906f9b55e21b87be was the code copied) and as such, you won't require this plugin. It is kept seperate here as a repository for historical purposes (in case anyone is curious about how it evolved) and in order to provide a solution for pre-Qt-5.5 users.

If you are interested in contributing, please send changes to the qtbase (src/plugins/generic/tuiotouch).

This is a QPA-using plugin (meaning, it uses Qt internals) that provides touch events from TUIO-based sources (such as TUIOPad).

TUIO is a framework for providing touch events over the network (implemented here using a UDP transport).

This repository also includes a simple OSC parser. OSC is the binary format that TUIO uses for over-the-wire communication.


Run your application with -plugin TuioTouch, e.g.

qmlscene foo.qml -plugin TuioTouch

Or make sure the plugin is loaded using the QT_QPA_GENERIC_PLUGINS environment variable.

By default, you must direct TUIO packets to the IP of the machine the application is running on, protocol UDP, port 3333. If you want to customize the port, you may provide a port number like this:

qmlscene foo.qml -plugin TuioTouch:udp=3333

At present, UDP is the only supported transport mechanism.

Advanced use

If you have the need to invert the X/Y axis, you can do so, by adding an additional option when loading the plugin.

For example:

qmlscene foo.qml -plugin TuioTouch:udp=4000:invertx:inverty

Would invert the X and Y coordinates of all input coming in on port 4000.

You can also rotate the coordinates directly, using the rotate option:

qmlscene foo.qml -plugin TuioTouch:udp=4000:rotate=180

Supported rotations are 90, 180, and 270.

Further work

  • Support other profiles (we implement 2Dcur, we want 2Dobj, 2Dblb?)
  • Support multiple simultaneous sources, generating distinct QTouchEvents
    • We'd need to somehow not rely on FSEQ for removing touchpoints, else our currently minor memory exhaustion problem could become a real issue
  • Support TCP transports?


Taking touch input from the TUIO protocol and sending it to Qt.






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