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Decidim 4 CS


This document describes the steps to install and run decidim4cs.

Preparing a machine

Create a virtual machine with Ubuntu 64 bits RAM 2048MB A VDI dinamically allocated 20GB disk drive

First thing to do is to install docker, git and docker-compose on your production machine. Follow the instructions here

ssh to your production machine and do

git clone
cd decidim4cs
scp decidim4cs:decidim4cs/secrets.env secrets.env  # Edit secrets.env and set RAILS_ENV to development if needed
scp decidim4cs:decidim4cs/backups/backup-<xxxxx>.tar.gz restore.tar.gz
bin/ <branch>

Creating a backup

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d backup
docker-compose exec backup ./
docker-compose down

Restoring a backup

First make sure your decidim4cs/Gemfile is in the same decidim4cs version of the backup you want to restore, which should be in restore.tar.gz!!!!

bin/ <branch>

In development, it could be the case that you are told that migrations are required, specially if you have been playing with updating back an forth to different versions of decidim. If that is the case, you can go to the decidim4cs/db/migrate directory and remove all migrations.

Decidim4CS configuration files

There are three files that keep the configuration. Let's visit them one by one.

  1. The .env file contains information regarding the user id and group id of the user running the instance in the production machine. This should not got into the git repository. They are automatically filled by running
  1. The app.env file contains the name of the rails app. And some other configuration stuff which is not secret.

  2. The secrets.env file contains the information of your app that is secret and thus should not go into the git repository.

Administering the project

Detailed information on how to administer an organization in decidim appears in this administration manual

Stop the deployment

You can stop the instance by doing

	docker-compose down

Updating the decidim version

If you want to migrate to a higher decidim version, make sure you read this general information on updating decidim

Then do:

docker-compose down
git checkout update-xx
docker-compose up --no-start --build --force-recreate  
docker-compose run --rm decidim gem install bundler
docker-compose run --rm decidim bundle install # If this fails you can try 'docker-compose run --rm decidim bundle update'
docker-compose run --rm decidim bin/rails decidim:upgrade
docker-compose run --rm decidim bin/rails db:migrate
docker-compose run --rm decidim bin/rails assets:precompile


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