Crowdsourced data for semantic frame disambiguation from sentences.
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CrowdTruth metrics.ipynb

Frame Disambiguation with CrowdTruth

Crowdsourced dataset of 433 sentence-word pairs from the FrameNet corpus v1.7, annotated for frame disambiguation.

The corpus has been referenced in the following paper:

To replicate the data processing from the paper, use the Jupyter Notebook file CrowdTruth metrics.ipynb. It requires the installation of the CrowdTruth metrics Python package (v >= 2.0).

The data aggregated with CrowdTruth metrics is available in folder data/output/

The raw crowdsourcing data is available in folder data/input/

If you find this data useful in your research, please consider citing:

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  Title = {Capturing Ambiguity in Crowdsourcing Frame Disambiguation},
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