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Port=23555 RPCPort=24556 3 Minute Block Times 100 Confirmations on Mined Coins.

Radioactivecoin is the coin you must have, trade and share among your peers. Using Scrypt Jane, Radioactive coin is far more energy efficient for GPU mining than Scrypt coin. Come get your hands on some RAD coins.

Stats 25,000,000 Total Coins Block Times: 3 Minutes Confirmations on Mined Blocks 100 Confirmations on Transactions 5 Port: 23555 RPCPort:23556

Block Rewards 1-1000 100-1000 Random Reward 1001-20000 100 * COIN
20001-40000 75 * COIN
40001-100000 50* COIN
100001-300000 25 * COIN
300001-600000 20 * COIN
600001-2000000 15 * COIN
2000000 10* COIN



Alpha Apps Android Link iOS Link

Official Site and Forums:



QQ For international clients QQ 342560427 For Chinese Clients QQ 334659057

Windows qt Download!bY1xSKJQ!HgAuDl2psb70V5rxc_hKClUgb5N6gsTXjhWHywJBK04]

Radioactivecoin GPU Miner!KJVg1JSb!b_lkeFv3UgwhMhuePTP-ljWsV8la7aWfYunGAxrzNgk

Block Explorer




Paper Wallet




Before mining you will need to create a config file in the appdata/roaming/radioactivecoin folder. To create a config, left click on the folder, select new text doument. Copy the config file below changing username and password. This username and password will be used in the solo mining config file. Save as "all document types" not "text files". Your client will need to be restarted for this to take effect.

Config [code] rpcuser=YOURUSERNAME rpcpassword=YOURPASSWORD rpcallowip= daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 gen=0 port=23555 rpcport=23556 addnode= [/code]

CPU Mining Open console and type setgenerate true-1 to start mining.

GPU Mining Download the GPU miner. SOLO- Edit the solo.bat file and enter your config name and password. Start the bat file. [code]radioactivecoinminer -o -u confusername -p configpassword --scrypt --Nfmin 4 --Nfmax 30 --StartT 1389196388 [/code] POOL-Edit the pool-miner.bat file to include the pool ip and port, workername and password. [code]radioactivecoinminer.exe -o poolipandport -u poolusername -p poolpassword --scrypt --Nfmin 4 --Nfmax 30 --StartT 1389196388 [/code]

30 Blocks where mined during set up as block explorer will show. We will give out 5 RAD coins to every RAD address posted.