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Releases: CryptoGraphics/VerthashMiner

VerthashMiner v0.7.2

14 Mar 19:18
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Fixed nonce range calculation for GBT.

VerthashMiner v0.7.1

06 Mar 20:03
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- Changed "difficulty to target" formula to a more reliable one.
- Miner will no longer load NVML and ADL libraries when they are not needed.
- OpenCL back-end will now report error codes along with messages.
- Fixed NVIDIA OpenCL devices restrictions when compiled with CUDA 10 or lower.
- Added GPU memory errors tracker. Invalid shares will be discarded.
- Lowered ADL library version requirements.
- Lowered CMake version requirements.

VerthashMiner v0.7.0

24 Feb 10:29
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* v0.7.0

- Fixed a crash when receiving the first stratum job.
- Miner will now instantly switch stratum jobs(on mining.notify).
- Removed PCIe bus ID configuration file format(due to being not reliable).
- Raw device list is now default configuration file format(as --gen-conf(-g))
  and --gen-conf-raw(-G) option has been removed.
- A full PCIe ID (bus:device:function) will now be displayed in the device list.
- Added a new feature "Adaptive batch size" (WorkSize = 0).
  (It is now used as default, instead of hardcoded 131072 WorkSize).
- Added 2 new options "BatchTimeMs" and "OccupancyPct" to control "Adaptive batch size".
  (Increase "BatchTimeMs" if you have any performance regressions compared to v0.6.2. More inside README)
- Added support for AMD GPU monitoring through ADL backend on Windows.
- Added support for AMD GPU monitoring through SysFs backend on Linux.
- Added support for NVIDIA GPU monitoring through NVML backend on Windows and Linux.
- Added new option GPUTemperatureLimit when GPU Monitoring is available.
- Automatically transfer NVIDIA SM3.0 devices to the OpenCL backend if the miner was compiled with CUDA 11 or later
- Added extra config validation layers for device settings inside the configuration file and command line.
- Misc fixes and code refactoring.

VerthashMiner v0.6.2

02 Feb 21:32
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Removed old files

VerthashMiner v0.6.1

06 Nov 20:09
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- Flip nonce for stratum.
- Fixed local work size error on Intel HD Graphics.

VerthashMiner v0.6.0

25 Oct 16:43
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Adding sources for VerthashMiner v0.6.0