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Cryptolens Client API for C

This branch is under ongoing development.

Build instructions

Visual Studio

Build the project in vsprojects/Cryptolens with some platform and configuration (e.g. Win32 and Debug). This will create the Cryptolens.lib file in vsprojects/Cryptolens/Cryptolens/$(Configuration) or vsprojects/Cryptolens/Cryptolens/x64/$(Configuration) for platforms Win32 and x64, respectively.

The Cryptolens.lib file can then be used in another project, together with the include files in the include/ directory. The examples/CryptolensExamples project is setup to build the example file examples/example_activate_external.c in this way.

Thus, to build the example project, first build the library in vsprojects/Cryptolens and then build the example project in examples/CryptolensExamples.


There is a CMakeLists.txt in the root of the repository which can be used to build the library. The examples can be built using the CMakeLists.txt in examples/.

The following commands, when ran from the root of the repository, builds the examples:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../examples


The example file can also be build manually with GCC or Clang using the following command (run from the root of the repository):

gcc -Iinclude/ -Ithird_party/cJSON/ src/cryptolens.c src/data_object.c src/decode_base64.c src/error.c src/machine_code_computer_static.c src/request_handler_curl.c src/response_parser_cJSON.c src/signature_verifier_openssl.c third_party/cJSON/cJSON.c third_party/openbsd/base64.c third_party/openbsd/strlcpy.c -lcrypto -lssl -lcurl examples/example_activate.c