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Proving the concept that network abuse can be handled by levying bitcoin penalties
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Proof of Concept for the Berewic idea

Alistair Mann 2018-12-26


A PHP library containing classes useful for simulating berewic back end functionality.
Also helpers:
/berewic-bitcoin/easybitcoin.php (MIT Licence)


PHP files simulating a BTA.


Simulate /bond.
GET /bond/N at Bob's BTA obtains the status (+ confirmation code) due for P2SH address matching N.
POST /bond at Alice's BTA takes a proposal and commits funds to it.


Simulate /proposal
GET /proposal/[HOST]/[URI]?idv1=[A]&ratev1=[B]&hmacv1=[C] at Bob's BTA obtains proposals for that user A at host HOST etc.
PUT /proposal/[HOST]/[URI]?idv1=[A]&ratev1=[B]&hmacv1=[C] at Bob's BTA accepts the uploaded proposal and asks for the P2SH address.


A Bash script simulating a BUA from initial connection to obtaining the confirmation code.
Typical run:

$ ./
Accessing URL to obtain a BTA. [Done]
BTA chosen:
Get proposals from BTA. [Done]
Add buyer address 2N89uTZbJ1K3jWRviJkfZ3uGVC9ATxmh4eS to proposal. [Done]
Supply above modification back to to BTA for the P2SH address. [Done] 
P2SH Address: 2N4C6TcbHxEdHiin5CzPbQyA1zP7cnZVbQq
Fund the P2SH address and so commit to the bond. [Done]
Poll BTA for '200' & confirmation code once it sees bond on the blockchain, 30 second sleep if not. 
1549292539: 202
1549292569: 202
1549292599: 202
1549292629: 202
1549292659: 202
1549292689: 202
1549292719: 200 [Done]
Header which confirms bond acceptable will be:
berewic-bond-confirmation: idv1=52676381&bta=78f7&amount=0.0004&locktime=1549297938&mtime=1549292719636004&hmacv1=17c7c1f3793c4178b270a59c3dfd47ef0e68bf63


A PHP file that can return different content based on the bonding status of incoming connections.

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