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Cumulus Networks Documentation

This the source repository for the Cumulus Networks Documentation, hosted at The site is built with the static site generator Hugo

Installing the Documentation and Running the Local Server

The docs are built with the static site generator Hugo Hugo contains a local development server to build and view live changes to the repo. Hugo is a command line interface.

In order to build and view the live site:

  1. Install Hugo version 0.55.6 extended from

  2. Verify Hugo is installed with hugo version. This site supports hugo version 0.55.6. The output of the hugo version command should read:

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.55.6/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown
  1. Clone this repository with git clone.

  2. Navigate to the docs subdirectory.

  3. Start the hugo server with hugo server.

  4. The site will be available at http://localhost:1313. Hugo watches and rebuilds the site when you save any changes to source files.

Contributing to the Documentation

This repository contains the documentation hosted at

If you would like to contribute to the site, please fork and submit a pull request. Commit your changes to the release branch, which is named release/#.#.#. For example, release/1.3.15.

The docs team will review and, if accepted, publish any pull requests.

Content with Hugo

All site content in Hugo is written in Markdown, and hosted in the /content folder. The site is built with the file tree and organization of this folder.

Hugo supports basic GitHub Markdown syntax. A helpful guide for Markdown is here. Hugo supports custom shortcodes, which are contained the Writing Guide section of the docs.

Adding a section

Sections in Hugo are subdirectories of the /content folder. In order to add a section, create a subdirectory, for example, 'MySection', then add a file. All first-level subdirectories from /content are default sections, but any nested sections must include


Content is ordered by the weight parameter in the front matter. Hugo arranges lower weights first, and is relative per section. Articles with draft: true in the front matter will not be built when hugo server is run. Use hugo server -D to include drafts.


The site is based off the Hugo Book theme, built by alex-shpak. The NetDocs theme contains custom shortcodes and partial templates, as well as styling customizations and assets not included with the base theme. The layouts directory in the main repo is the final layout override, and contains any site-specific assets. See theme components for information on theme overrides and for information on Hugo's default lookup order.


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