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js webpage that acts as Burstcoin name server on CORS enabled or local nodes
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Burstcoin Hackaton2019 entry

A webpage that acts as Burstcoin dynamic name server via CORS enabled or local nodes. like

This webpage alias lookup became viable due to the enabled CORS on the newer nodes. (ty BRS 2.4.2 !)

repo details here:

Example links

Clicking open on that page will open either the reddit hackaton page or in a new page/tab.

Adding -open at the end will try to auto open the link, if the browser allows it (due to popup blockers). for example:

To create your own link, buy an alias. And choose the URI option and enter your url. Then you can use it like the links above. and add your alias after the questionmark.

Anyone may copy the index.html file and use it on your own domain to allow links like

Author CurbShifter

License GPLv3

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